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Sonohysterogram is a procedure where fluid (saline) is administered through a small catheter placed through the cervix in the uterus and ultrasound is utilized to image the cavity of the uterus.  The saline administered expands the uterine cavity therefore revealing findings that may normally not be visualized by ultrasound alone.

Reasons this procedure is performed:

→ Abnormal uterine bleeding
→ Infertility
→ Uterine polyps

When is the optimal time to schedule a sonohysterogram?   

The best time to schedule this procedure is 7-10 days after the onset of menstruation.

When is sonohysterogram contraindicated?  

If you are pregnant or could be pregnant then the procedure is not performed.  If you have a pelvic infection, then the procedure is not performed.

What to expect after the procedure?  

Most women return to their normal activities right after the exam. Some women could experience spotting, cramping.  Although rare, there is a risk of infection as with any procedure.