Select Diagnostic Imaging is proud to have the GE Britespeed Elite CT Scan with the latest software.CT scan uses sophisticated x-ray equipment and specialized computer to obtain multiple images at different angles to produce cross-sectional images. CT is especially useful in evaluation of the lungs, soft tissues, muscle and blood vessels.

CT scan of chest
CT scan of abdomen and pelvis
CT scan of the head
CT scan of sinuses
CT scan of spine
CT Enterography
CT Angiography (CTA)
CT Urography


-Most exams take less than 30 minutes.
-Studies with IV contrast require the patient to fast for 4 hours prior to the test. Do not each or drink 4 hours before your test. Please alert our staff if you have a severe food or medication allergy or if allergic to IV contrast/x-ray dye.
-Most studies of the abdomen and pelvis require patients to drink oral contrast after they arrived for their appointment.